"Few places in the world were built solely for the willful pursuit of a skill. In the dojo , every stroke of the hand in precise. Every combination is refined. Every element is authentic. It is this tradition of discipline that inspires us to bring out gokujou ice cream, the best of its kind. Others have called this meticulousness obsessive, but this is the only way we know how to master our craft. It is only with this attention to detail that we can surpass our own expectations of our waza , our art and technique, to make it the pure creation you now hold in your hands."

We have adopted the Japanese philosophy, Kaizen, in the crafting of our ice cream. The kitchen is our dojo, a place where we achieve perfection. Nothing comes out from the dojo anything less than perfect. There are many things that we can do, but we only choose to do what we know to be best at, and that is making ice cream. After years of mastering the art of ice cream making, we have developed recipes that we would now like to share with you.

Every scoop and every flavor is created with ingredients used at their ideal moment of deliciousness, carefully combined to maintain the authenticity of their flavor. The packed flavor and creaminess of Dojo Japanese Ice Cream can only come from the finest and purest ingredients that we use. Our ice cream is more dense as it is slowly churned with less air, giving you that richest depth in flavor with every lick and every scoop. We believe in the pureness of every creation; thus, all our products are free from additives and emulsifiers.